Getting Started

To get started, proceed as follows:

  • Unpack the OpenCube Toolkit zip distribution.
  • Open the terminal application and cd into the unpacked distribution (e.g. ‘cd Desktop/OCT’ [ENTER])
  • In the file, ‘fiwb/’, modify the value for RUN_AS_USER=fluid to the user name that is intended to run the OpenCube Toolkit. (Alternatively, create a user account with the name ‘fluid’.)
  • Start the OpenCube Toolkit

After a few seconds, you should be able to access the OpenCube Toolkit in you browser locally under the address http://localhost:8888


Once the OpenCube Toolkit is running (startup may take up to a few minutes), it can be accessed at https://localhost:8443 . On the default start page you can find a tutorial with some first steps as well as links to important pages (such as the detailed user documentation).