OpenCube Aggregator



The role of the Aggregator is twofold. First, given an initial cube with n dimensions the aggregator creates 2n−1 new cubes taking into account all the possible combinations of the n dimensions. Second, given an initial cube and a hierarchy of a dimension, the aggregator creates new observations for all the attributes of the hierarchy.


How it works

The OpenCube Aggregator is developed as a separate component of the OpenCube toolkit and is part of the “Data Expanding” lifecycle step. The Aggregator component can be easily initialized by creating a widget.

Widget configuration:

{{#widget: AggregationSetCreator}}




The OpenCube Aggregator distinguishes two categories of aggregation:

The aggregate function that can be applied to a cube depends on the following parameters:


The user has to select the aggregation function (avg or sum) to be used for each of the cube’s measures.



Get the latest version at:
Source code: Download (v.1.0)
Binaries: Download (v.1.0)