OpenCube OLAP Browser



The OpenCube OLAP Browser enables performing OLAP operations (e.g. pivot, drill-down, and roll-up) on top of multiple linked data cubes.


How it works

The OpenCube OLAP Browser is developed as a separate component of the OpenCube toolkit and is part of the “Data Exploring” lifecycle step. It supports browsing of cubes that are stored either at the native triple store or at remote SPARQL end-points. The browser can be initialized by creating a widget.

 Widget configuration for use with the native triple store:

{{#widget: DataCubeBrowserPlusPlus|   



Currently the OpenCube OLAP Browser supports the following functionalities:



Get the latest version at:
Source code: Download (v.1.0)
Binary: Download (v.1.0)

To integrate the latest binary to an existing OpenCube toolkit instalation: