R2RML extension for data cubes


The latest version is available from the fluidOps AppCenter.


The R2RML extension for data cubes component enables generation of the RDF graph from a relational table. The component builds upon the Information Workbench data integration functionalities. It extends the R2RML language (a W3C standard) for mappings from relational databases to RDF datasets and adapts the structure of the mappings to the RDF Data Cube vocabulary. This adaptation is defined by the R2RML-cube ontology, which serves as a schema for describing data cube-specific mappings.


How it works

The current implementation of the R2RML Extension provides a user interface for editing the R2RML-cube mappings and utilizes the provider mechanism which runs an R2RML engine, transforms relational data into RDF, and imports them into the RDF repository.



R2RML Extensions for Data Cube covers the functionality of importing the raw tabular data as data cubes by transformation of relational data to RDF using R2RML mapping.

The extension is integrated with Information Workbench as a data provider CubeR2RMLProvider, which applies R2RML-cube mappings to create and import RDF triples. In addition, the solution provides a user interface to create and edit R2RML-cube mappings.